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2023 Safar Shaqaale aad u Wanaagsan Sanya - VELON INNDUSTRIAL INC.

Post time: December-18-2023


In the course of time, there exists a place delicately cradled in the southern embrace of China. With a touch of the deepest blue, it narrates a story about freedom and dreams. This place is Sanya, a destination that irresistibly prompts one to slow down, savoring every beautiful moment in tranquility.


The VELON Outstanding Employee Trip is a cherished tradition for us. It is not merely an honor but a full acknowledgment of the indomitable spirit of the VELON team.



On November 9th, bathed in the sunlight of Sanya, the journey of five outstanding VELON employees for the year 2022 unfolded like a vivid painting.

The sun was scorching, and the air was filled with the island's unique warmth. Here, embracing Sanya's essence means earning the right to have sun-kissed skin and wind-tousled hair.

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Embark on an experience intimately connecting with freedom and the ocean. Waves gently caress the yacht, and sunlight warmly strokes our faces. Here, every deep breath is a conversation with nature, every blink is a tender kiss to the ocean.


Dive into a unique experience in the deep blue. A 20-minute boat ride through time brings us to Xidao, a hidden gem with soft beaches and crystal-clear waters. Initial attempts at deep-sea diving allow us to experience the wonders of the underwater world: vibrant fish swirling around, sunlight dancing in the water, and coral reefs seemingly within arm's reach.


Lying in the gentle ripples, letting the wind sing, bathing in the healing blue, and experiencing the tropical charm. Sitting by the shore, let this vacation be filled with inspiration and beauty.


When laughter blends with the rhythm of the waves, when the line between hot sweat and seawater becomes blurred, I feel the unwavering effort of Hainan to make us happy!


The third stop, Yalong Bay Tropical Paradise Forest Park, is a feast of nature. Peaks rise and fall, tropical plants thrive, and wild animals find refuge.


Taking a sightseeing bus, skillfully maneuvered by the driver, we experienced thrilling mountain road bends. The rainforest zip line offered another adrenaline rush, soaring through treetops, feeling the speed and excitement in the air.



Here, there's no Shanghai's compact pace, no Beijing's condensed weight. Everything seems to emerge from the gentle realm of a dream, witnessing the tide leisurely traverse valleys and flow through mountains.

Fueled by joy, we arrived, and fueled by joy, we departed. At the moment of leaving Sanya, we knew it wasn't just the end of a journey but a spiritual awakening.